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I am impersonal consciousness,

Yet personal drama rules my life.


I am all that is and omnipotent,

Yet, I struggle to control my environment.


I am free,

Yet, I feel imprisoned in my body.


I am the essence of time itself,

Yet, I can’t focus for more than a few secs.


I am the one,

Yet, I am no one.



The Cairn: symbol of balance. LOVE cairns. I would like to start one in my  garden. | Rock sculpture, Stone cairns, Balance art

What am I?


Am I a bundle of thoughts,

Advocating for a self,

That I have never truly seen?


Am I raw sensations,

Of a material body,

Made of quantum probabilities?


Am I a purely computational process,

That both exist and does not exist,

In Godel’s digital computer?


Am I a complex entanglement,

In Penrose’s quantum computer?


Am I a fundamental force of nature,

That binds space, time, all the leptons and bosons together?


Am I time itself,

Always changing,

In improbable directions.


Am I a wave in the ocean,

Only believing to be separate from it.


No! Right now,

I am just the one ridding a thought,

That is arguing for itself.



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Is this love?


I look in the mirror,

But all I can see is you.

Is this love?

Is this another delusion,

Like when I was pretending to be my body?


I need to pierce this mystery,

But the more I search,

The more lost I seem to be.


The thought there is more,

Keep me from being whole now.

I am eager to merge back with the source,

Only being afraid to discover that I already have.


What am I? Something? Nothing? Everything?

How can I be a multitude of ones?

When the mind stops its chatter,

Let me rest in what I truly am: pure love.






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